Injection Moulding Machine BOY 35 E VV

Injection Moulding Machine BOY 35 E VV

Injection machine BOY 35 E VV with max. clamping force 350 kN is vertical injection machine - both clamping and injection units are vertical. This machine is equipped with multi-patented control system Procan ALPHA®4 as well as bigger injection machines.
Siła docisku
350 kN
Średnica ślimaka
12 mm, 14 mm, 18 mm, 22 mm, 24 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm
Maksymalna ilość wtrysku
76.5 cm3
Odległość pomiedzy kolumnami
280 x 254 mm
Procesowane tworzywa
termoplasty, termosety, elastomery, silikony (LSR), abrazivní termoplasty, tvrdé PVC
servem řízené zubové čerpadlo

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The BOY 35 E VV is vertical version of BOY injection machines coming from long-year experiences with vertical injection. Important is design of lower mould platen which is not moving upon closing of the mould. This application is very efficient for fully automatic over-moulding of insert parts. Shifting of inserted parts is excluded. Space in the back part of the machine offers wide possibilities for automatization devices (robots, containers, devices checking the quality of the parts). A large range of screw sizes for processing of various types of materials can be used. The innovative and multi-patented Procan ALPHA®4 control provides for absolute precision and repeatability with easy operability. It is possible to equip the machine with special patented injection unit "EconPlast" and therefore reach one of lowest energy consumption in its class.
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